Surgical Innovations (SI) is committed to building a sound Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and during the last year we have been keen to integrate CSR across the business to help improve performance. Our CSR commitments cover the following areas: employees; apprentices; business ethics; environment; health and safety; and community engagement.



It is important for us to attract and retain the right calibre of people – a vision that we see as the basis for our future success. All employees, regardless of their role in SI, take part in the same core skills surgical training exercises as surgeons, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the role of the end user. The one-day induction course is carried out by the Chief Executive Officer, and is a valuable training resource for all staff.

Employees of all levels are also being offered the opportunity to go into local hospitals to observe one of our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) members operating in theatre. It is important that everyone in the Company understands exactly how our instruments are used by surgeons and therefore how critical their own personal role is within this process. This is a new scheme which will be rolled out this year. In 2012 the Board, as a thank you to everyone’s hard work and dedication, gave employees the opportunity to participate in a share scheme option. The scheme gives staff the chance to purchase shares in three years’ time at a fixed price and benefit from the future growth and success of the Group. SI staff frequently embark on charitable ventures and we actively encourage employee participation in local fundraising events. SI consistently seeks to financially match employee sponsorship contributions up to a predefined level.


SI understands the positive impact the younger generation has to offer the Group and we run a proactive apprenticeship scheme across the organisation to nurture young talent. Apprentices are enrolled in an Advanced Mechanical Engineering course at Leeds City College providing them with a sound theoretical knowledge base. They are placed on ten-week placements in five different areas of the business including quality, product development engineering, machine shop, assembly and injection moulding, allowing them to gain practical skills in the specialist medical device industry.

The apprenticeship scheme gives SI the opportunity to train apprentices to our exacting Company standards and help towards combatting the skills shortage throughout the manufacturing industry. Recently two of our apprentices – Louis Ball and James Littlewood – were invited down to London to attend a reception hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to celebrate apprenticeships and showcase the contribution they make to the economy.

Speaking at the reception Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “I was delighted to welcome Louis and James to Admiralty House, after being hugely impressed when I visited Surgical Innovations earlier this year. It’s clear they are making a valuable contribution and their hardwork now will no doubt set them up for a bright future.”



Business ethics
We strive to play an integral role in society and our core value is to meet the needs of forward-thinking surgeons and clinicians by supplying high-quality, cost-effective instrumentation that empowers surgeons and provides patients with an improved quality of life.

We have also introduced a Resposable® range of instruments, that combine reusable and disposable components, so surgeons can use high-quality instrumentation while also saving their hospitals hundreds of pounds per procedure. In a market that is dominated by expensive throw-away devices our Resposable® instruments are seen as a “breath of fresh air” by both surgeons and procurement managers across the globe.

Our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) consists of renowned surgeons who work in close collaboration with our design team to advise on existing and potential new product lines, ensuring SI’s innovations meet the needs of surgeons and patients alike. Following the success of our UK CAB we have also started to introduce an International Clinical Advisory Board (ICAB), which will be made up of key surgeons from across the globe. Over the coming year we will be working with our international partners to populate this Board and introduce key opinion leaders from around the world.



Community engagement
We feel it is vital to support our local community and have actively contributed to the creation of Leeds Health Hub. The Hub is made up of medical companies based in Leeds together with representatives from the University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds City Council. Its aim is to help to place Leeds on the map as a leader in medical innovation. This vision was realised further in January whenSI received the final grant offer letter for the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), which is worth up to £5.05 million to SI in Government funding. The grant will be used to develop a state of the art research and development facility and clinical training centre, with a reasonable expectation of creating over 300 jobs in the Leeds City region over the next twelve years. The creation of a clinical training centre will allow SI to further the relationships it has with leading clinicians, both UK and international, and will act as a magnet for pioneering surgeons looking to develop new skills and instrumentation in minimal invasive surgery. SI is also partnered with universities and hospitals throughout the region including Leeds University and Bradford University and has just completed two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), helping us to stimulate innovation in the business, improve processes and draw upon the universities’ expertise while allowing the universities access to industry.The KTP scheme is a partnership between the universities, SI and part-funded by the Government.



Maintaining excellent environmental standards is integral to all organisations and we strive to minimise the effect of our operations on the environment wherever possible. We look to review the impact of all of SI’s policies and operations covering emissions and fuel efficiency, noise, waste, energy use and recycling.
We encourage ideas and suggestions from all employees in this regard.



Health and safety
SI has an established Health and Safety Committee that is made up of employees from across the organisation. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss any health and safety issues that have been raised from all areas of the business and how we can improve health and safety across SI.